PetiteKnit Oslomössan Tomteluva Annas Sommarcardigan Willums Hängslebyxor Ellens Lekset Ankers Tröja Ankers Heldräkt Inga Krusiduller-Tröja Junior Kontrasttröja Inga Krusiduller-Cardigan Cumulus Blus Ankers Tröja - My Size Ränder På Längden - Tröja Klassisk Smock-Cardigan Inga Krusiduller Tröja Sunday Tee Copenhagen Cardigan Sunday Cardigan Haralds Tröja September Sweater Ankers Jakka Oslomössan - Mohair edition Fortune Sweater Lillebrors Romper Novis Sweater Junior Baggymössa Stockholmsmössan Novis Sweater Annas Cardigan - My size Seaside Set Aros Sweater Seaside Sweater Sunday Sweater Friday Sweater Baby Holiday Slipover Terazzo Sweater Maud Tee Novice Cardigan - Chunky Edition Zipper Sweater - Man Zipper Sweater Sunday Suit Nybörjarjackan Marseille Sweater Karlas Klänning Karens Mössa Hipstermössan Friday Sweater Junior Champagne Cardigan April Cardigan Ankers Tröja - My boyfriend’s Size Ankers Cardigan - My Size Ankers Bluse Alfreds Tröja Anker Tee Marseille Sweater Young Weekend Sweater Festival Sweater Baby

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Mette, age 29, is the woman behind PetiteKnit. She is a creative entrepreneur, who channels her creativity and passion for knitting into the brand PetiteKnit.

PetiteKnit offers knitting patterns.

There are knitting patterns at different degrees of difficulty right from the perfect beginner pattern (Little Brother’s Romper or Beginner's Jacket) to patterns for the experienced knitter (e.g. Classic Smocking Cardigan).

Please note that the knitting patterns are for private use only. The patterns may not be copied, sold or otherwise distributed. Products made from the patterns may not be sold.

You can also find PetiteKnit on Instagram: @petiteknit

If you have any questions or comments, you are always welcome to write me an email: If you have any specific questions concerning a knitting pattern, please write to


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